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For the 2020 National Day of Prayer, we were forced to go virtual due to COVID-10.


We asked community members to send in short Prayer Videos that we could put online to celebrate the special day...


We were pleasantly overwhelmed with over 70 prayer videos from around the world - Israel, West Africa, California, Tennessee, Florida, Pennsylvania, and beyond.


These videos came from Pastors, Prophets, Priests, and Community Members alike.


What resulted was an incredible 5-Part Prayer Series of Worship, Praise, Repentance, and Thanksgiving to Jesus!

Sit back, Relax, and Pray Along with Brothers and Sisters Across the World!!

NOTE: The Videos are not Consecutive. Watch in any order that you choose. All 5 Videos share the same opening sequence. This is a time to settle in to the Spirit and get into a Posture of Prayer. After the 2020 National Prayer, there is a Call to Worship with the Blowing of the Shofar. This is how the Israelites would gather for worship! How special that we can still do this thousands of years later. Then, we pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and receive the Aaronic Blessing in Hebrew and in Song. That 24 minute opening starts each video of this series. If you are watching them independently, we encourage you to watch from teh beginning. If you are watching multiple videos in a row, feel free to fast forward to 24:00 for the completely new set of prayers that each video holds. Enjoy!

Watch this video below - Prayers for Awakening & Revival in the Land

Watch this video below - Prayers for Our Churches, Businesses, and The Media

Watch this video below - Prayers for the Unborn, Children, Families, and Education

Watch this video below - Prayers for Our Government & Military

Watch this video below - Prayers for The Coronavirus Global Pandemic

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